Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year

new year means new things, change, and new music.
so thats what im gunna do. below is some new stuff i've been working on this past month.
i think its gettin better.
also this year im gunna start new projects. i've got two im mind:
first one i'll try will be called JURASSIC second will be ASTRAYA 
so you heard it hear first. 
also i'm working on a video for CRY which should be done in january. 

heres the new so far:

also all new pictures this year!!

- Maysin  

Monday, December 27, 2010

worst of 2010

im so fucking bored right now so i guess ill write about hoow much i dont like rap any more.
so ever since gucci mane released his album the appeal, i just cant take hip hop / rap serious any more.
artist like lil wayne, t.i. , drake, eminem, jay z, or any rapper that raps about how cool they are or how better they are sucks. that kind of rap is dead.
all old rap like fuckin n.w.a. is dead.
jerkin and dougie shit is dead. (but still sells)
i know youll hate me for sayin this but: : :
kanye west, jay z, any rapper like that is dead. come on now seriously kanyes new album sucks ass. who the fuck wants to still hear him rappin about the same shit he did in all of his other albums?? theres nothing new there.

but, and a big but, rappers like wiz and curren$y are at least different, beats and all still the same but atleast they rap about weed.

i know i sound like a total hater right now but im not. ive supported all these rappers in the past. i just cant go through 2011 still listenin to the same dumb shit. i thought kanye would save the game but i just relized that dip shit should be happy and not be bitchin n shit. he is not a fuckin monster.

if you want to hear good rap dont even think about turning on the radio this year, i suggest looking real hard into underground cali shit and taylor gang.

and if your a indie white boy like me then diffenitly dont go to pitchfork for rap music, they will just give you the same mainstream dipshit stuff thinking they are so hip.

of course i would suggest listening to my rap shit that ive dont but its so shity sounding no one will give it a chance and listen to the lyrics.

but whatever im to high for this. time to go skateboard then sleep.