Thursday, December 8, 2011

ppl r crazy

um its Thursday December 8th 2011
 and just writing that or reading that sentence is a huge slap in the face of reality
im super high right now . . . from like this so called "LOUD" weed , , i live in St. Louis so weed here isnt very good . . . evry one scams of all the time, ther is no KUSH . . . the so called "KUSH" is just reggie laced with speed. it really sux

blogging is like super hard for me to do it makes me tired im just not made out for it . . . lol

i feel uber dummy right now bcuz i wanna be making music but i cant evn set up my new studio witch ive had for like 3 months , , i bought a brand new mac book pro on black friday and havnt done anything with it , , , wtf is wrong wit me? ? ??

okay im done

i gunna smoke more i guess cuz im stuck in this house its frezzing outside and i dont have a car . . doy

here is a really rare song i dont think is all tht good & i dont evn want ppl 2 hear, 
( da beat is dope as fuck, produce by Midnight Society off the dipset trance party mixtape" )

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